Leverage NFTs

Aureka's Deal Builder and Collaboration Space were made to unlock the opportunity to provide utilities on top of Art, Collectibles, Products, or Services.

Let's start building authentic values & experiences.

Compatible with all major marketplaces.

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How does it work?

One interface, endless possibilities.

Pack your product.
Deal Templates and Verified Offers from individuals and businesses ready to be sold alongside your product.
Promote the package.
Branded presentation of final package and various of types of Promotion Services from talented influencers and businesses.
Share audience.
Allowing creators to share knowledge, start cross-selling, collaborate and provide value to the market.
Block-building experience.
Suitable for independent freelancers, executives, as well as Fortune 500 companies, large academic institutions, and non-profits.
More than JPEG value.
Reliable system using NFT as proof of ownership providing fast and secure access to real-life products, services and rewards for fans and customers.
Are you Influencer, Marketer, Fan or Community Manager?
Let's start building authentic values & experiences
and get yourself an early-bird reward
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